What The Pentagon Doesn’t Want You To Know About UFO Footage! (It’s so cute.)

May 27, 2021 | Sketches

So I was doing my usual Saturday afternoon sketch writing, when I remembered a conversation I’d had with the chicks the night before about what you would do, or who you would call in the middle of an apocalypse. How would you prioritize your contact list? Would you call anyone at all?

And THEN. Ohhh boy. And then Justin comes out and says “THE PENTAGON RELEASED VERIFIED FOOTAGE OF UFOs” and I was like “UM. EXSQUEEZE ME?”And then I went down a rabbit hole of the leaked pentagon UFO footage for quite a while… The time is lost to the sands, who the hell knows?

Anyway, my mom is also obsessed with aliens and conspiracy theories, I’ve been watching as much “The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch” as I can get my hands on (if only The History Channel in Canada would kindly bring it back), and this is what happened.

And it is SOOO CUTE.

We recorded it via facetime, because although you can see my green screen keying skills getting slightly better when the UFO shows up in the window, I still don’t know how to do the green screen phone thing. I think it worked out pretty well though!

And of course Justin had to be in it for good measure, because he is just a cool guy.

The Pentagon is investigating real UFO Footage leaked by military officials – but here’s what they don’t want you to know… The alien invasion is going to be SOOOOOO CUTE.

And even though the pentagon is revealing secrets about possible alien life beyond humanity, Emily and her mom keep cool, because IT’S JUST ALIENS. Right?!!

Written/directed/edited by Emily Decloux

Starring: Emily Decloux, Cindy Decloux & Justin Decloux