Take Your Life More Seriously Cover Art

Take Your Life More Seriously

An Album of Comedy Music

If you enjoy laughing, you’ll enjoy this album. It’s 10 songs of absolute foolishness, brought to you, by me. Emily Decloux. ENJOY!

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Grown Up Single Cover

Grown Up

Single from Take Your Life More Seriously

It’s official! The first single off my new comedy album Take Your Life More Seriously is out now! Stream it, add it to playlists, favourite it, do all the things to show this ode to my mom some love!

Also, you can add it to your favourite Spotify playlist for easy access babeee!


A Parody Song

I wrote this tune with Julia Jones. It started in the Second City sketch writing class we magically ended up in together. She said, “Do you want to write a rap about Spanx?” and I said, “Obviously I do.” And so we did. Check out the original stage performance and the incredibly super cool music video we did!

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Big Chick Energy - Emily Decloux Website
Big Chick Energy - Emily Decloux Website

Impossible Horror

This was a BEAST let me tell ya. I wrote the score for my film Impossible Horror back in 2017.

Inspired by Mark Korven’s The VVitch, Tangerine Dream’s Love On A Real Train, and a hell of a lot of other synth music, this score features many freeware synths, a lot of midi effects, and a couple of pencils I whacked on my desk.

It’s hard to pick my favourite song off this album, but I think maybe Book and Film are my top rankers.

More Music Videos

And a song I wrote about my mother’s irrational fear of werewolves…

Teddy Bomb

Sometimes when your partner needs help and knows that you write music, they will ask you to start writing music so that they can finish their films.

That is what happened here.

And I am eternally grateful that Justin convinced me I was decent enough at writing electronic music that I could do it!

Now I won’t say this is the most polished work I’ve ever done, but it is the most scrappy and the most determined I’ve ever been to create and learn at the same time, because I know it would get me to where I wanted to go.

My favourite song on this album is “The Hunt” which was inspired by Goblin and a lot of Giallo films. It also got me a spot in a Women in Electronic Music Composer’s intensive at the Canadian Music Centre, so I think it turned out okay!

Podcast Music

Whether they’re my podcasts or someone else’s, podcast music is SO fun to write! It’s short, it’s snappy, it’s fun, it’s quirky and weird and I frickin’ love it.

Would you believe me if I told you I wrote an entire kid’s music album a zillion years ago? It’s true.

Once upon a time, I was a millennial and the recession basically left me totally jobless, depressed and full of anxiety for a good 6-8 months.

So whilst I applied to well over 100 jobs, attended 20 some odd interviews and only got ONE temporary job that actually ended up using my accrued employment insurance to pay me (um excuse me, what the actual fuck?) I wrote a kid’s music album called Gross Kid Songs!

I even performed once for some kids.

I will never in my life do that again.

Kids are the harshest critics.