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Take Your Life More Seriously Album Out Now

Album Info:

Take Your Life More Seriously Emily Decloux’s debut comedy music album. It’s written it with the intention to give listeners a break from how serious life can get – whether it’s an important event, drama at work, or something that they feel nervous about, but will ultimately get them closer to their dreams.

“Five years ago I was stuck in a dead end 9-5 job that didn’t value me, and I would listen to music at top volume on the drive home in rush hour, just for a chance at feeling anything good. I’m so happy I had music like “I’m On A Boat” from The Lonely Island – the clash of context between the seriousness of the delivery of that song, with the absolute absurdity of the lyrics is how I realized that I didn’t need to take everything that was going on so seriously.”

 – Emily Decloux

There are 10 tracks in the album:

  1. Grown Up
  2. Ghosts
  3. Spanx
  4. Toe
  5. Plants
  6. Neglected Winter Coat
  7. Committed
  8. Confession
  9. Pizza Party
  10. Anything Is Possible

Take Your Life More Seriously is the recipient of a CANCOM grant, specifically created to support Canadian comedians through the onVIVA platform.

The album was written using Ableton (digital audio workstation) along with a Microkorg synth, and Yamaha digital piano. The bulk of the writing was done over the last year, but in total the album took approximately 3 years to come to fruition.

The album also features several awesome performers on different tracks, such as my co-lead singer on Ghosts, Jo Anne Tacorda.

In addition to Jo Anne, the other members of  comedy troupe Big Chick Energy Sketch also performed on Neglected Winter Coat (Julia Jones, Sam Sexton, Alicia Carrick), and Emily’s step-dad Paul Phillips has a featured guitar solo on this track. Emily’s uncle Dan Decloux  contributed piano for the song Confession, and her mom Cindy Decloux sang the mom part in Grown Up.

“Overall I’m very pleased at how much the album incorporated some of the most creatively influential people in my life!”

 – Emily Decloux

Beginning September 15, Emily will begin to release bi-weekly music videos to accompany each track of the album, starting with Grown Up. Each video will stream on the onVIVA platform for 30 days exclusively, before being released on Emily’s personal YouTube channel. The videos will include an entirely different creative crew, most notably, Toronto director Justin Decloux.

Reviews + Press:

“Check this album out if you like funny stuff and also really catchy songs!!!!!” – The Discover Tab

Emily Decloux Talks TAKE YOUR LIFE MORE SERIOUSLY and Soul-Sucking Day Jobs – Geek Girl Authority

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