Directorial Reel

Impossible Horror

I produced Impossible Horror with my partner and love of my life Justin Decloux. Not often do you hear successful love stories come out of indie filmmaking, because it is a greuling process full of therapy and tears.

And hey if you want to learn about how we did it, we have blu-rays for sale with a very romantic commentary track!

Also I wrote the score did the sound design, acted, did a few practical effects, edited the behind the scenes documentary and cooked the food.

We’re In A Fight

We made this short horror comedy in 2014 with our friends April Etmanski and Peter Kuplowsky, classic collaborator pals of ours. It was a chance to flex our funny bones (do bones flex?) and do some cool stunts!

I don’t do the stunts anymore. Probably because I keep trying to flex my bones.

Teddy Bomb

I came on after this film had been shot. Basically I project managed the post-production, and then did the voice dubbing for Justin’s ex-girlfriend 😂

I also wrote the score!