Emily Decloux

Howdy! I’m Emily!

Emily Decloux winces as a flower is thrown at her head.

I’m a creative in Toronto, Canada. I do all the things! Why? Because I love to and it’s fun!

I’ve created my own career path by completely ignoring my gut instincts, realizing I needed to listen to them, and then following my passions. It’s a little backwards but hey, I got here, right?

I make films, sketch comedy videos, music, podcasts, live shows, and occassionally I can be inspired to use my Baking and Pastry Arts Certificate to make muffins. Occasionally.

Nice to meet ya!

I picked up a camera pretty early, started a film club when I was 12 and never looked back. If you ask my little brother Dave, he’ll tell ya, I spent most weekends forcing him to make cinematic masterpieces even when he would have preferred to be playing Zelda or something.

I don’t think there’s anything better than creating something that makes people laugh! I get so much out of it, and I love knowing that I’m able to bring people together through comedy.

And, I don’t think I’ll ever not be filming or recording something, or performing. It’s what I love!

Emily Decloux forcing her family to be in all of her high school movies


I’m always finding different ways to make people laugh! Whether I’m performing in improv shows around Toronto, creating new sketches with Big Chick Energy, filming sketches with my partner Justin Decloux for our YouTube channel PineappleSkeleton, or making web series with all the cool people I met at The Second City Training Centre downtown Toronto, it’s always a blast. 

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Music is seriously the BEST. SERIOUSLY. I mean, have you ever heard it? Because damn. Oh and also I write music! Like this album Take Your Life More Seriously. Or for films, for podcasts, for artistry, and sometimes for women’s shapewear parodies.

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My company, The Ultimate Creative creates podcasts, for amazing content creators that make us want to be better human beings. And we have some seriously cool clients.

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My latest short film Worm is on the festival circuit now, and I produced a feature film called Impossible Horror a few years back, helped finish another feature called Teddy Bomb, and have even written a few scripts of my own!

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The Latest

My Dead Lover’s Sex Diaries

BRAND NEW SHORT FILM YAY! Last month I produced/directed/wrote/edited/starred in this short film as part of the Canadian Film Festival Comedy Igniter Film Challenge with the Firecracker Department, and what a fun shoot it...

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Window Giant

Creating these weird sketches my brain cooks up before dawn is wild. I guess in this one, I thought I should be a giant, terrorizing myself through the window. This is how it came out! Why not, eh? 4m

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Land Acknowledgement:

I would like to acknowledge the following people whose land I live including the Mississaugas of the Credit, the Anishnabeg, the Chippewa, the Haudenosaunee and the Wendat peoples.

I would also like to acknowledge Treaty 13, and the 2010 settlement to rectify the unlawful acquisition of more land here in Toronto, which is still home to many Indigenous people from across Turtle Island.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to work and live on this land.

I would also like to acknowledge my privilege as a white colonizer on this land, and I acknowledge that I live off the systems of oppression designed to only benefit white people in Canada.

As always, I commit to assist in repairing the damaged relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Peoples in Canada, by acknowledging the genocide of people, culture and languages across Canada and by supporting the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation.