My Dead Lover’s Sex Diaries

Mar 4, 2024 | Film

BRAND NEW SHORT FILM YAY! Last month I produced/directed/wrote/edited/starred in this short film as part of the Canadian Film Festival Comedy Igniter Film Challenge with the Firecracker Department, and what a fun shoot it was! Those cucumber sandwiches will always and forever send my stomach into an upside down mess.


Leah must retrieve her dead lover’s sex diaries before his wife discovers them!

Written/Directed/Edited by: Emily Decloux

Cinematographer: Justin Decloux

Music by: Emily Decloux

Cast: Leah – Emily Decloux

Ajay – Vivek Srikanthan

Nancy – Taryn Crankshaw

Suzanne – Julia Jones

Griever 1 – April Etmanski

Griever 2 – Leo Boheme

Grievers – Matthew Ardill, Allison Mah, Mike Wood, Katie Chin, Megan Rach

This film was created as part of the #Igniter challenge with the Canadian Film Festival and the Firecracker Department