All Of The Venture Shark “Pun”views!

May 10, 2019 | Sketches, Web Series

What’s A Term Sheet?

As we’re getting ready to film ALL of Venture Shark, I thought I’d just do a quick little roundup of all of the blackouts we produced to promote the show!

We had a blast making these, and it was the first time the cast was able to get together and get to know one another which I thought was super cool. I’ve got a great group of people here!

In these previews, Anthony Labont√© is playing the role of Cody which John Budreski will be playing in the actual series. Alas, he was in Halifax that weekend! And our dear April Etmanski unfortunately had a small incident with a bagel knife the morning of, but she’ll be back in her role as Ardine Rickerson! I can’t wait!

Otherwise you’ll be meeting a few of the regular cast of Venture Shark including:

  • Alicia Carrick – Brandy
  • Zeddy Chevron – Sage
  • Matthew Ardill – Eric

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