May 8, 2020 | Music, Sketches

SPANX! IS HERE!!!!!! OMG! After lots and lots and lots of editing and filming and waiting to see if we got into the TO SketchFest Film Fest (we didn’t) we are releasing SPANX!

It all began when Julia asked me one day, “Do you want to write a rap about Spanx?” and I said ““Obviously I do.” And so we did.

We also had a super fun launch campaign where we released new little mini-sketches every day this week leading up to the official premiere! And wouldn’t ya know, I’ve collected them all for ya right down here:





And as a bonus, you can also check out the original stage performance from our days at The Second City Training Centre in the Writing Program!

Even though it wasn’t as super amazing exciting to premiere the sketch as we thought it would be (the mood is seriously really dour right now) it feels SO good to get this out into the world and give people a lot of laughs! I’m SO happy!