Happy Holidays from Big Chick Energy! (Screw 2020!)

Dec 24, 2020 | Sketches

It’s Big Chick Energy’s first Christmas! We’re just li’l chickie poos!

And we wanted to say happy holidays to all of our amazing fans that have been SO supportive of our sketch troupe, in this, the year of the dumpster fire.

We’ve learned many lessons in 2020, we’ve adapted, we’ve made the most of things, and we have absolutely, without a doubt, worn masks in public to protect our community.

And so, with MUCH love and gratitude and cheer, we hope this final sketch of 2020 from Big Chick Energy will give you a laugh, and maybe a deep, lower-bowel-level urge to eat grapes in a meadow.

Love, The Chicks Xo

Written & Directed by Julia Jones

Performed by: Alicia Carrick, Sam Sexton, Julia Jones, Jo Anne Tacorda, Emily Decloux