Big Chick Energy Had Our First Live Show!

Feb 29, 2020 | Live Shows, Sketches

Make! Your! Life! Better!

So the other night we had our VERY first live show, and our first Weird Flex Sketch Show, where Julia and I collect various sketch comedy troupes from around Toronto and put on a show!

Alas, Jo Anne wasn’t able to make it to this one, but we had such a fun time rehearsing, writing, and learning how to perform together with Julia!

Up above is my audience participation sketch which we also improvised. We came in with specific characters (ya gotta check out Sam’s weird evil science doctor) and had to solve a problem for our audience member to MAKE! YOUR! LIFE! BETTER! Julia was the host of the show. It was a blast! Also, my brother was there with his girlfriend yay!

Dry January

This was Sam’s sketch, all about how we make these super intense commitments to our bodies in the new year, and how they totally get blown out of proportion. I love it.

Battle Wounds

So this sketch was one of the first that I ever read by Julia way back in writing level 3? I think? Maybe 4. I think it was 4. Anyway, it’s such a hilarious take on periods, it’s really well written and it makes me laugh every time because it’s so gross!

Choosing An Outfit

This is a monologue Sam wrote, and somehow we all ended up being a jazzy beatnik band. The blow-line though, look out!


Alicia wrote & directed this sketch about a super over-coddled bro dude (Sam) and his parents (me and Julia) that REALLY need to let go and let him fail. He’s a dingus.

And there you have it! We hope to bring you MANY MORE SHOWS in the near future!