A Super Fun Fall Sketch Roundup!

Nov 19, 2020 | Sketches

A few weeks ago, The Chicks were actually able to get together to film some sketches outside! It was a BLAST! And it was so much easier than trying to fricking film virtually. Honestly.

So here’s a roundup of all the sketches we produced that day!

Right up top is my sketch. You can tell because it’s just one massive fart joke. My quads were on FIRE after we finished filming that! Starring the lovely Julia Jones, shot by Sam Sexton, and edited by moi!

Next up we’ve got Jo Anne’s sketch, Landscaping. This character she came up with is so wild, I love it!

I was also obsessed with having my gardening glove on to make it look like I had “business”. You know, as an actor, it’s important to focus on the little details to make these characters come to life.

In reality my Reynaud’s was leeching the blood from my fingers in the cold, crisp fall air, and I actually only had one glove so it was a bit of a necessity to keep putting the glove back on. Not so much to take it off though. YOU KNOW WHAT? I HAVE COLD FINGERS, KAY?

This puppy starred Jo Anne Tacorda and Me, was written & directed by Jo Anne, and shot by Julia Jones

Another gem from Jo Anne Tacorda! This one ya gotta watch right to the end, it’s hilarious! Starring Sam Sexton & Jo Anne Tacorda, Directed by Jo Anne, shot by me, edited by me!

And finally, we can’t have a fall sketch roundup without a Halloween themed sketch! This super sleuth sketch was written & directed by Julia Jones, stars Julia, Alicia Carrick and Sam Sexton. It was shot & edited by me!

And that’s it! Come back for more sketches in the futureeeee!