Sam’s Future As A Licensed Driver!

Aug 6, 2021 | Pretty Bad Tarot

To drive or not to drive in Toronto – It’s a question of life or DEATH! In this VERY DRAMATIC EPISODE of Pretty Bad Tarot with my guest Sam Sexton!

Sam hasn’t gotten her driver’s license yet and she wanted to know how and or when she would get it! And I really did not do a bang up job of this reading, but luckily Sam was able to interpret the cards and she got her answer DESPITE me continuously pointing out all of the four legged furry friends that kept popping up.

Will Sam get her license? Will she not? WILL SHE HARNESS THE POWER OF THE TWO HORSES ON THE CHARIOT CARD? Tune in to find out!


  • 05:36 Sam’s question!
  • 07:32 My terrible interpretation of the tarot cards!
  • 18:55 Did my reading make Sam‘s life better or worse?
  • 20:44 Sam’s plugs!


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