Emily’s Love Affair With The Movies

Jul 30, 2021 | Pretty Bad Tarot

In today’s episode of Pretty Bad Tarot another Emily has come to town to seek guidance about whether a longstanding love affair will FINALLY come back to her! That’s right, Emily Gagne is in love… WITH THE MOVIES!

Can you blame her? Movies are GREAT.

And she wanted to know what her future with the movies holds! Will she go see them? Will she make them? Will she podcast about them even MORE? AND, will we remember the correct lyrics to the Fresh Prince theme song? I DON’T KNOW IT HAS BEEN A WHILE SINCE WE RECORDED THIS AND I FORGET! You’ll have to tell me when you listen!


  • 00:00 Welcome Emily!
  • 04:44 Emily’s question!
  • 06:55 My terrible interpretation of the tarot cards!
  • 20:31 Did my reading make Emily‘s life better or worse?
  • 21:56 Emily’s plugs!


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