Press Release – Emily Decloux Invites You to “Take Your Life More Seriously” With New Comedy Music Album

Oct 13, 2022 | Music


Emily Decloux

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Emily Decloux Invites You to “Take Your Life More Seriously” With New Comedy Music Album

10-Song Album and First Music Video Available for Streaming

TORONTO, ON, October 13th: Toronto-based comedian and musician Emily Decloux has released her first comedy music album, titled Take Your Life More Seriously. Today marks the YouTube premiere of the music video for the first single, “Grown Up”. With songs covering such universal themes as the challenge of keeping plants alive, commitment issues, celebrity crushes, haunted dolls, and stubbing your toe really, really hard, the album takes a winding sonic journey through ‘80s power ballads, ‘90s pop, and ‘10s dance, influenced by The Lonely Island, Weird Al, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and Britney Spears.

Emily, whose co-written infectious dance tune about the struggles of shapewear, titled “Spanx”, first hit Spotify last year, wrote the album with the goal of helping listeners escape from the stresses of modern life — at least for a little while. “Music has always been my go-to when dealing with a rough day,” she explains. “While working a 9-5 job where I wasn’t valued, I’d listen to The Lonely Island — the juxtaposition between the absurd lyrics and earnest delivery made me realize that I didn’t need to take things so seriously. I want people to throw on my album when they’re dealing with work drama, nervous about a first date, or just want to laugh and dance at the same time!”

Take Your Life More Seriously features vocal performances from members of the comedy troupe Big Chick Energy Sketch, including Jo Anne Tacorda as co-lead vocal on the industrial-tinged dance track “Ghosts”, and Julia Jones, Sam Sexton, and Alicia Carrick chiming in on the power ballad “Neglected Winter Coat”.

Take Your Life More Seriously is available on Spotify. The music video for “Grown Up” is available on YouTube. The music video for upcoming single “Toe” premieres on YouTube on November 6th, 2022. For full media kit, please visit

About Emily Decloux: Emily Decloux is a Toronto-based comedic artist, 1/5th of the comedy troupe Big Chick Energy Sketch, and 1/2 of the comedy duo Pineapple Skeleton. Emily has a long history of producing music, including the score for the feature film Impossible Horror. Take Your Life More Seriously is her first comedic music album.