Venture Shark Episode 4: Broga

Nov 14, 2019 | Web Series

After a stressful week (what with the Dada Hack and all) Brandy takes her team on a yoga retreat to realign and relax. Wait a minute, who invited Cody King (King Coders)?!? Will this guy JUST. STOP. CRASHING. BRANDY’S. LIFE. Wait a minute, did he say Ardine wants to see Brandy? How does he know? And what does Brandy need to do to get on his good side to put in a good word on her behalf?

Brandy – Alicia Carrick
Cody King – John Budreski
Sam – Anushka Lobo
Ardine Rickerson – April Etmanski
Eric – Matthew Ardill
Sage – Zeddy Chevron
Dash – Ryan Riddell

Writer, Director, Editor, Producer – Emily Decloux
Assistant Director – April Etmanski
Music + Audio – Emily Decloux
Colour – April Etmanski

Based on a character created by Emily Decloux, Stephanie Cooke, Emily Gagne

A Big Chick Energy Sketch Production