Venture Shark Episode 3: Dada Hack!

Oct 31, 2019 | Web Series

Dadabase has been hacked! When running the first update to the Dadabase app, Brandy and Sam are horrified as a virus spreads through their system! Suddenly, an experiential pitch experience takes over all of their computers and Cody King (King Coders) demands that Brandy invest in his company again! Will she? Find out in this very special episode of Venture Shark!

Brandy – Alicia Carrick
Cody King – John Budreski
Sam – Anushka Lobo
Ardine Rickerson – April Etmanski
Eric – Matthew Ardill
Temp – Matt Cheung
Board Member – Justin Decloux
Dash – Ryan Riddell

Writer, Director, Editor, Producer – Emily Decloux
Music + Audio – Emily Decloux
Colour – April Etmanski

Based on a character created by Emily Decloux, Stephanie Cooke, Emily Gagne

A Big Chick Energy Sketch Production