Date Kate Episode 2: I Don’t Have Herpes.

Oct 10, 2019 | Web Series

Kate fixes herself up with Alex, a striking woman who plans a house concert party date for Kate. Out of her element, bubbly Kate finds herself among a bunch of gothy artsy types and does her best to fit in, but it’s when Alex’s ex sings a scathing revenge ballad that Kate really finds out what she’s gotten herself into!

Kate – Jo Anne Tacorda
Alex – Liz Myers
Singer – Larissa Thomas
Goths – April Etmanski, Justin Decloux, Calvin Cheng, Anyka Davis, Emily Decloux

Directors – April Etmanski and Emily Decloux
Writer – Stephanie Cooke
Editor – April Etmanski
Colour – April Etmanski
Music + Audio – Emily Decloux
Producer – Emily Decloux

Based on a character created by Emily Decloux, Stephanie Cooke, Emily Gagne