Date Kate Episode 1: Do Dreams Come True?

Sep 26, 2019 | Web Series

Kate is determined to find her true love and embarks on an adventure around the city to meet her soul mate! Her pragmatic roommate suggests an app but Kate has her mind set on meeting someone “the old fashioned way”. Will she? Won’t she? Does she finally get to eat a slice of pizza? Find out in the first episode of Date Kate!

Kate – Jo Anne Tacorda
Roommate – Emily Decloux
Pizza Loving Man – Justin Decloux
Foot Loving Woman – Naomi Eidinger
Passer By – April Etmanski
Jogger – Alicia Carrick

Director – April Etmanski
Writer – Emily Decloux
Editor – April Etmanski
Music + Audio – Emily Decloux
Colour – April Etmanski
Producer – Emily Decloux

Based on a character created by Emily Decloux, Stephanie Cooke, Emily Gagne