What The Cards Say About Wendy’s #Influencer Rollerskating Instagram Account

Jul 23, 2021 | Pretty Bad Tarot

You’ve got dreams, right? WELL SO DOES WENDY WEI! And on this episode of Pretty Bad Tarot we’re going to figure out if Wendy’s dreams to become a rollerskating Instagram influencer will come true!

Side note: I watched literally all of the videos on Wendy’s account @Wendy_sk8er after we finished recording and they are SO COOL so DEFINITELY go check them out and give her a follow!

Not only that but we talk about calf tattoos, 90s pants, and Hannah Montana! A character I completely forgot about until this moment right now!


  • 00:00 Welcome Wendy!
  • 04:41 Wendy’s question!
  • 06:15 My terrible interpretation of the tarot cards!
  • 18:18 Did my reading make Wendy‘s life better or worse?
  • 24:11 Wendy’s plugs!


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