Christy’s Well Researched ADHD Jokes!

Sep 13, 2021 | Pretty Bad Tarot

In this very special episode of Pretty Bad Tarot, fellow ADHDer and comedy pal Christy Kay joins me to figure out whether or not people will think her ADHD comedy is funny!

I may have directly applied my own bias to this, which is YES. BUT. As with all of these sub-par tarot readings, I wanted to get into the details a little bit more to figure out what else she needed to know about this comedy adventure!

In true ADHD form we went on about 8 million tangents. We also heard the same helicopter go by at the exact same time! And that’s when we realized how close we are to each other, geographically speaking!

BONUS: If you have ADHD or think you might, you definitely want to listen to this episode for a shitload of validation and appreciation for your weirdness! And to learn about a lot of super amazing cool ADHD PhD work Christy is doing! Even if you don’t have ADHD! It’s super cool! YAY!


  • 00:00 Welcome Christy!
  • 04:09 Christy’s question!
  • 05:30 My terrible interpretation of the tarot cards!
  • 28:15 Did my reading make Christy‘s life better or worse?
  • 28:56 Christy’s plugs!


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