Write Your Power Theme Song!

So that you can amp yourself up whenever you need it!


Heck yes I did! And it’s yours for the price of freeeee babeee!

Here’s the idea. We all need to find ways to amp ourselves up sometimes, so I figured, why not help you write a power theme song that you can sing to yourself whenever you need to tap into your super amazing internal energy sources?

Power Theme Song Guide Image

Here’s how you can use it:

  1. Right before you have to do something scary or challenging that you know is going to push you towards achieving your BIG DREAMS
  2. When you feel like total butts and need an energy boost!
  3. Whenever someone enters your existence and is super rude or mean and makes you feel bad, and you want to counteract that crap hole feeling!

And seriously it’s super easy. You don’t need to record anything (unless you want to), you just have to write out the lyrics in your notes app or your favourite journal, and sing along to the tune I wrote for ya! It’s that easy!

And because I want to keep sharing super fun stuff with you, this is available through my super awesome newsletter! When you sign up here’s what I’ll send you:

1. An mp3 to download

2. A step-by-step guide to writing lyrics that make you feel like a BOSS

3. Tips to take it to the next level, like sharing your tune on TikTok or Reels or even recording it so you can play it whenever you need to hear yourself talking about how amazing you are!

Why A Power Theme Song?

Truly, it is my mission in life to remind you that you’re like, the most important human on the planet, and your happiness and joy is SO important to me! But make no mistake, this isn’t like some toxic positivity stuff. In fact, I have no proven facts that this will work for anyone other than me (but let me know if it does because then I can update this paragraph!).

And I’m also not going to tout this as a fix-all for real life problems you might be facing. However, I will say that when we are able to find pockets of joy in life, it makes this entire existence SO much better, and that’s really what I want to share with you. A pocket of joy, right when you need it!

So get yerself signed up below and let’s DO THIS!

xoxoxox LOVE YOU!