NEW PODCAST ALERT!: Lucy and Emmett’s Podcast! YAY!

Oct 30, 2022 | Podcasts

Lucy and Emmett's Podcast Logo

So I may have started a new podcast…. BUT IT IS SO CUTE YOUGUYZZZ. It’s called Lucy and Emmett’s Podcast, and my pal Luke O’Grady and I star as the sibling dynamic duo, Lucy and Emmett! It’s an improv comedy podcast – 100% not for kids, but it’s about a brother and sister who go on adventures and record it for their podcast. SO CUTE RIGHT?!

Anyway, we’re inviting improvisers from Toronto to come over and be different characters and get up to random hijinks. Honestly, I love it. And I seriously think you will too.

Here’s the trailer:

We’re Lucy and Emmett! We are brother and sister! We found our dad’s podcast stuff so we decided to make our own podcast. PLEASE DON’T TELL MOM. It’s a secret. ANYWAY we’ve got lots of cool guests joining us from all over the place, and we can’t wait to bring ya along for the ride!

And here’s episode 1!

Why not start a podcast on HALLOWEEENNNENENENNENENE! It’s the best time of year!

In this episode Lucy and Emmett go to a haunted house, go trick or treating, AND they do a seance in a quarry. Because let’s face it, a quarry is the best place for seances. Right?

This episode features:

Samantha Sexton

Mitch Graw

Lucy and Emmett is an improvised comedy show by Emily Decloux and Luke O’Grady, featuring awesome talent around the city of Toronto!

Find them here:
Luke’s IG
Emily’s website