Her Name Is… Podcast is Coming To A Close

Nov 22, 2016 | Podcasts

So Jenny Tang and I have been working super hard on this podcast, we’ve interviewed so many amazing women and got into season 2 before we realized… we kinda just want to get out there and also do all the creative things!

So we’re sunsetting this podcast only because it’s time for both of us to move onto new creative projects. But we’re so grateful we had the chance to meet and connect with so many amazing creative women in Toronto!

Here’s a playlist of the episodes we’re keeping up, if you ever need a bit of inspiration you’ll find it here! Enjoy!

Her Name Is… is a podcast about independent women creating content in Toronto and surrounding areas. Emily Decloux and Jenny Tang host each episode, which features a guest that is single-handedly influencing the entrepreneurial and creative spirits of other women in the city. This podcast is for anyone looking to be inspired by incredibly talented and smart women, creating content in any medium. This podcast airs every other week on Mondays.