Dark Night Of The Creative Soul ARGH!

Mar 10, 2022 | Blog, Podcasts

dark night of the creative soul thumb

GODDAMNIT I AM FRIGGIN GROUCHY TODAY. UGH. And that is what this whole episode is ABOUT DANGIT. AGH.

Remember how I said I was going to lean into my feelings more? Even if they were GARBAGE LIKE MY FEELINGS TODAY? WELL. FRICK. I’m fricking DOING IT. And bringing you along for the flip floppin’ journey OH HECK.

If you aren’t familiar with the hero’s journey, basically it’s like… you are the hero of your own journey. When you are working towards accomplishing a thing, you learn skills, you explore those skills, you try to figure out what the FRICK you are doing with them, and then something happens that brings everything to a grinding HAULT. And you have to do some stupid frigging deep introspective dumb work to figure out who the heck you are and why your journey is important and GAH. And then it leads to a decision which ultimately leads to the transformation of your “character” to get you to the final result of whatever you’re trying to achieve.

Go watch any superhero movie, you’ll see it all play out in real time in front of your eyeballs.

In fact, most stories follow this arc.


I am in the stupid dark night of the soul part where i’m like… “AM I EVEN GOOD AT THIS? AM I EVEN FUNNY? HAVE I LOST IT ALL DURING THIS 2 YEAR ISOLATION OR WHAT???”

Which I really hope means that by the time I get to the next episode, I”m in the decision part of the story. Or better yet, the transformation part.

The problem is, I just have no clue what decision I need to make in order to get there. WHAT HAS TO CHANGE? Ohhhh I weep. I weep.

Creativity… so cool, man.




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