We’re In New York!

Aug 21, 2018 | Film, Life

Justin and I went to New York to screen Impossible Horror at The Lincoln Centre for Scary Movies XI!

Here we are on our first night! We made it!

And this was the night we actually screened it. You can’t tell here but we’re both about to barf because we’re really fucking nervous.

We met a lot of super cool people on this trip. I also did a panel on multi-hyphenate women in film, a term I didn’t know about until I was asked to speak on the panel. Three of us produced and composed the scores for our films. Two performed in leading roles. I was not one of them but some day I shall be!

The other really cool thing about this trip was that I had a chance to walk around New York on my own and just enjoy it for the fabulous city it is.

I thought I’d check out 5th Avenue, but it was Sunday morning and not a hell of a lot was open.

So I got a coffee and a croissant at a Barnes and Noble, figured I’d try to have Breakfast at Tiffany’s (it’s something I hear the locals do a lot) aaaand it wasn’t there. Or I couldn’t find it.

Anyway I ended up in this large square with a few stores (Anthropologie) that were just about to open, so I thought I’d park myself in front of a super tall building and finish up my coffee.

As I tilted my head back to finish the last sip, I realized I was standing right in front of 30 Rockerfeller Plaza.

Like, THE 30 Rock.

I had been thinking about what to do next since all of my big projects were wrapped up. And in an instant, it kinda hit me. I’m standing in front of a building, by accident, where SO MANY of my idols have worked. All of these incredible people that have made me laugh my whole life. And for my whole entire life, I’ve always wanted to do comedy.

After I collected myself for a second or two, I made a decision, and decided to sign myself up for writing classes at The Second City Training Centre right then and there. And their website didn’t work, so I called, and they signed me up! Just like that!

This is my next step!