Sep 21, 2014 | Film

Yay it’s a teaser for Teddy Bomb! I’ve been working on the music for this and I dubbed the lead actress’s voice (aka Justin’s ex-girlfriend!)

A boy and his talking teddy bear bomb combat hordes of deadly terrorists in this coming of age “sci-fu-splat” flick that marries the surreal buddy-comedy humour of Frank Henelotter’s
Brain Damage with the fast-paced cinematic verve of Edgar Wright’s Shaun of the Dead.

TEDDY BOMB is the story of a beer delivery boy named Christian who stumbles upon a ticking time bomb that also happens to be a sentient stuffed animal: A talking teddy bear that can melt your face off. Before Christian can say “I need to change my pants” he’s responsible for the surly bomb’s safekeeping and must find a way to stop it from nuking the entire city before the clock runs out. He can’t get rid of it, he can’t go to the police, and there’s no way in hell he can turn it off. All he can do is hope to find a solution before the bomb decides his head would look better sprayed across the ceiling. To add insult to injury, the bomb’s original owners want their property back and they’ll decapitate, gut and eviscerate everyone that gets in their way. Whether Christian diffuses the bear or not – it’s guaranteed that things will end in one big bloody bang.

STARRING: Christian Murdoch, Peter Kuplowsky, Adam ‘The Riot’ Thom, and Jenny Lemberg


PRODUCER: Pierce Derks, Justin Decloux